Scorpion Oil Tools
Scorpion Oil Tools, located in Houston, TX, manufactures make up and break out hydraulic chain tongs for the resource drilling (oil drilling, gas drilling, mining, water well drilling, and others) and construction industries. Scorpion tongs (which look like a Scorpion when in an open position) are safer than manual tongs and can be operated in both vertical and horizontal positions.

They are compact and portable having the ability to be moved via crane, attached wheels, or forklift. An on-board power pack (electric or gas/diesel motor) makes the Scorpion a fully self-contained unit. They can also be powered via a rig's hydraulic system or other external power source. The range/diameter of tools that the Scorpion can make up or break out can easily be changed at any time by adding or removing links. Specific torquing requirements can be met by setting a maximum torque on the Scorpion that it will adhere to, preventing damage to delicate equipment and guaranteeing proper tightening.

All of the Scorpion's features make it the perfect fit for any drilling, mining, or construction application where making up and breaking out tools is part of daily operations. Contact Scorpion Oil Tools today for a demo of one of our breakout / makeup machines at 281-999-0006.